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Day 903: 22/10/2009 Thursday. Madeleine Beth McCann: THANK YOU EVERTON

Day 903: 22/10/2009 Thursday. Madeleine Beth McCann


THANK YOU EVERTON 22nd October 2009

This is a heartfelt note to say a very big thank you to all at Everton Football Club and all of their fantastic supporters. To see so many fans wearing a Madeleine t-shirt was an incredibly uplifting (and emotional!) sight ? such invaluable support and an amazing show of solidarity.

Regardless of tonight's result against Benfica, you have made one family very proud and have made a special and significant impact on the search for a very precious little girl.

On behalf of Madeleine and all of her family, thank you so much. We are very proud to be Blue!  



 New website entrance page.


If you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her. 


A little girl stolen? a family torn apart. But saying nothing is the worst crime of all.


The world is watching, If you know something?  say some thing  


It's never too late to do the right thing.


One phone call. One email can end one familys nightmare. 


Imagine if she was your child? Imagine the pain and the grief? 

Imagine if someone like you never came forward?


[Day 12/10/2009 Aisling Symes Blog now removed from site.]  

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