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Day 2421: 18 December 2013 Wednesday, Madeleine Beth McCann, Christmas 2013



Day 2421: 18 December 2013 Wednesday, Madeleine Beth McCann 

Entry page and update
Christmas 2013  

This year seems to have passed particularly quickly - a sign undoubtedly of a very busy year. It would still be a comfort if we could slow time just a little. Thankfully however there have been some very positive aspects with regards to Madeleine. The Metropolitan police review becoming an investigation and more recently, the reopening of the case in Portugal. We are incredibly relieved and buoyed by these developments and continue to hope for further collaboration in the near future with the possibility of a JIT (joint investigation team) between Portugal and the UK to enhance the search for our dear daughter.  


Once again we would like to thank all our supporters for their commitment to Madeleine and their ongoing support of our efforts. Please spare a thought and prayer for all families similar to ours who will be unable to share this Christmas with a special loved one. 

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2014.
Kate xx

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