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Day 1117: 24/05/2010 Monday. Madeleine Beth McCann: INTERNATIONAL MISSING CHILDREN'S DAY: May 25th

Day 1117: 24/05/2010 Monday. Madeleine Beth McCann 



Tuesday (25th May) is International Missing Children's Day (IMCD). This is a day when we remember all of those children around the world who are missing and separated from their families.

It is also an opportunity for everyone to try and help these children and to make a difference to this vast and tragic global problem.

The NPIA will be re-launching the UK's Child Rescue Alert on Tuesday. 


This 'Alert' system for child abductions has been updated in order to improve its effectiveness. It should hopefully prove to be a very useful aid in finding abducted children quickly and returning them to their families. Our hope is that the 27 European Member States will all strive to have similar systems up and running effectively as soon as possible, including the essential facility for cross-border cooperation.


PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together) will be marking International Missing Children's Day in a particularly exciting way! Have a look on now to find out how. The team at PACT do an incredible job in trying to make the world a safer place for our children, so please support them if you can.


As a parent of a missing child, every day is difficult in some way. We would like to ask everybody to spare a thought and prayer for all missing children, during this coming Tuesday in particular. If you can help in any way, either through practical means, by improving awareness in some way or by donating to one of the Missing Children organisations (see our 'Missing Children' section) we would be very grateful.


Just because a problem cannot be seen, doesn't mean it's not there or can be forgotten. Missing children need our help. We can all make a difference.


Thank you for your fantastic support.


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