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Day 2791: 23 December 2014 Tuesday Madeleine Beth McCann, Christmas, 2014


Day 2791: 23 December 2014 Tuesday Madeleine Beth McCann 

Christmas, 2014  

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our supporters.

Once again we have been amazed this year by the support we continue to have for our search for Madeleine - and opening the hundreds of Christmas cards has once again been a truly humbling experience. The warmth, kindness and commitment to never forget has precipitated more than a few happy tears! Thank you.


It's hard to ignore that 'here we are again' feeling at this time of year, still with no idea where our daughter is or of what's happened. What we can say is that our resolve to find out, as well as the hope which has always been present, has not lessened. In addition it's very apparent that the determination of the Metropolitan Police remains steadfast, in spite of the persistent challenges they face.

No matter where she is, Madeleine will, as always, be very much with us and our family this Christmas.   

Thank you for holding her in your hearts too.  

Kate and Gerry


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