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Day 1045: 13/03/2010 Saturday. Madeleine Beth McCann

Day 1045: 13/03/2010 Saturday. Madeleine Beth McCann  

Update: Saturday 13th March 2010

Today we joined hundreds of runners to take part in a 10km run in Hyde Park to support the work of the charity 'Missing People' (


'Miles for Missing People' is the first of what will now be an annual event.


Many relatives who also have a family member missing (through a variety of different circumstances) came to support the event and raise awareness for all missing children and adults.  


We want to thank Martin Houghton-Brown and the team at Missing People for organising today's run, and of course for all their commitment and hard work, despite limited resources and recognition.

We would also like to thank everyone who came to run and/or show their support today, as well as all those who have very generously sponsored me and the other runners. 


Events like that today, help to remind the world that these children and adults are still missing. By supporting such a cause, we are all giving them a much needed chance of being found - and hopefully reunited with their family

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