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Day 1967: 20 September 2012 Thursday, Madeleine Beth McCann

Day 1967: 20 September 2012 Thursday, Madeleine Beth McCann 


20 September, 2012

Thank you to everybody who has supported our summer campaign again. By displaying the new poster, car sticker or luggage tag of Madeleine, awareness of her plight is maintained, as is our appeal to the general public to keep looking for her.

We are constantly thinking of new ways to improve our search for Madeleine: we don’t know what it will be, or what it will take to bring us that vital call. It may even turn out to be a simple case of ‘the right place at the right time’ which is why we need to persevere in our efforts and to keep prompting people.


The Metropolitan Police are continuing with the investigative review and we are really encouraged by their work. We continue to hope that the case will be re-opened in Portugal in the near future so that the investigation to find our daughter can be resumed.

The nationwide campaign that I’ve been involved in, as part of my ambassadorial role for the charity ‘Missing People’, is now in its tenth week. This campaign has been possible thanks to the generous help of the Outdoor Media Centre and its members in partnership with the team at Missing People. Images of missing children and adults have been displayed on huge billboards in many cities throughout the UK, appealing to the general public for help. Already many vulnerable have been found since the campaign started which is obviously fantastic news. Thank you to everyone who has supported this initiative and responded to these appeals. Your help is invaluable. (More updates in due course)


We continue to feel humbled but at the same time buoyed by the amount of support we still receive from so many people. It helps us enormously and undoubtedly helps our search for Madeleine too. Thank you. 


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