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Day 1220: 04/09/2010 Saturday. Madeleine Beth McCann. FUND PAGE RESIGNATIONS UPDATED


Day 1220: 04/09/2010 Saturday. Madeleine Beth McCann


Fund updates Douglas Skehan resignation 24/08/ 2010

 John McCann Resignation 23/07/2010



(6) Who are the directors of Madeleine's Fund?


There are nine directors of the Fund. They are:


?                     Peter Hubner; a retired consultant;


?                     Brian Kennedy, a retired head teacher;


?                     Edward Smethurst - A Commercial lawyer;


?                     Jon Corner - Director of a media company;


?                     Michael Linett- retired accountant


?                     Kate McCann General Practitioner


?                     Gerry McCann Consultant Cardiologist


(7) What is the money being spent on?


The majority of the fund money has been and continues to be spent on investigative work to help find Madeleine. Additionally money continues to be spent on the wider 'Awareness Campaign' ‘reminding people that Madeleine is still missing and to remain vigilant. None of the directors have taken any money from the fund as remuneration.


Anyone who wishes further information with regards to the financial details of Madeleine's Fund and its professional advisors, please refer to the accounts filed at Companies House. Crown Way Maindy Cardiff CF14 3UZ


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