Sunday, 4 January 2015

Day 860: 09/09/2009 Wednesday. Mr Amaral's Book & dvd banned by court order

Day 860: 09/09/2009 Wednesday. Madeleine Beth McCann   

Mr Amaral's Book & dvd banned by court order


" We are pleased with the Judge's decision today preventing further distribution and sale of Mr Amaral's book and dvd -'The Truth of the Lie'. 


Mr. Amaral's central thesis has no evidence whatsoever to support it. To claim as he did, that Madeleine is dead,  and that we, her parents, were in some way involved with her disappearance, has caused our family incredible distress and it continues to do so.  


Without doubt, Madeleine will have suffered as a result of the negative effect this book and dvd will have had on the search for her. Sean and Amelie need protection too from such awful claims.  


Hopefully this injunction today will go a long way towards reducing further unnecessary and unjust distress to us all and allow people to concentrate completely on what is important - finding Madeleine. "

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