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Day 826: 06/08/2009 Thursday. Madeleine McCann - New Information Appeal over “Australian" Woman


Day 826: 06/08/2009 Thursday. Madeleine Beth McCann

Updates: Madeleine McCann - New Information Appeal over “Australian" Woman

A witness has come forward to give the investigators currently searching for Madeleine McCann new information about a suspicious incident that took place in Barcelona in the early hours of May 7th 2007 - just over 72 hours after Madeleine was abducted whilst on holiday in Praia da Luz in Portugal.  


The 41-year-old British witness was attending a party with a group of other men in the area of the Port Olimpic Marina in Barcelona. It is a busy location that is popular with both tourists and local people. The group had been visiting a number of bars and restaurants in the marina area on the evening of the May 6th 2007 and into the early hours of May 7th 2007.  


At around 2.00am on May 7th, the witness became aware of a well-dressed woman, who he describes as appearing agitated. She was seen in the area of the El Rey De La Gamba restaurant-bar for some ten minutes, walking up and down. 


The witness got up and walked towards the woman and had a short conversation with her. This conversation was potentially significant to the investigation. However, for strict operational reasons, the investigators will not be divulging any details of what was said to the witness. 


It is as a result of this conversation that the investigators now want to trace the woman, who they believe to be possibly Australian.  


Following the conversation the woman sat down in another nearby bar. A further person from the same party group also saw her there. At this bar the woman had a heated discussion with someone in what seemed to be fluent Spanish.

The woman was last seen walking away in the direction of a local hospital and the more distant ferry and cruise ship terminals.

The woman is described by the principal witness as follows:  


Aged 30 to 35 years  

Slim build  

Short brown hair  

Approximately 5"2 tall  

Wearing expensive looking blue jeans and a jersey top, possibly pastel colour 

Her build equated to a size 10 dress size.

The witness described her as "a bit of a Victoria Beckham look-a-like". She spoke English with what the witness has described as "possibly an Australian" accent.  The investigators now hope the international media, in particular Australian and Spanish broadcasters, will help to distribute the attached e-fit of the woman, which has been prepared by a police artist, as widely as possible.


The British witness does not wish to be identified publicly. The investigators have already conducted some preliminary inquiries in the vicinity of the Port Olimpic

Marina and are continuing to liaise with relevant police forces where necessary.

Anyone who may know the woman should contact the Madeleine McCann investigation team on +44 845 838 4699 or via the Madeleine McCann investigation email address:

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