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Day 778: 19/06/2009 Friday. Why do we continue

JUNE 2009

Day 778: 19/06/2009 Friday. Madeleine Beth McCann


It is now more than two years since Madeleine was taken from us - more than two years since we saw and held our beautiful daughter, since Sean and Amelie played with their big sister, since we were a happy family of five. Without doubt, two years seems a huge proportion of your life when you're six years old, but in reality it is just a tiny fraction of the life which lies ahead of you. It is important for us to keep looking forward.


Whilst the fact that Madeleine is still missing remains our greatest anxiety, it is important to remember that the person who took Madeleine remains free. Other children could be at risk from this person too if we do not continue with our investigation, or if the people who know or suspect something remain silent. There is no law enforcement agency actively looking for Madeleine or the person who took her. As such, Madeleine and possibly other children are dependent on good and moral 'everyday' people to help them. We kindly ask you to share this responsibility with us.

Why do we continue'

-There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed.

-Madeleine is still missing and someone needs to be looking for her.

-She is very young and vulnerable and needs our help.

-We love her dearly and miss her beyond words.


We must continue and never give up on Madeleine.

Thank you so much for your continued help, support and information. You have helped to sustain us as a family and continue to increase our chances of finding Madeleine

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