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Day 407: 13/06/2008 Friday. First of all apologies for the long gap since my last blog

JUNE 2008.

Day 407: 13/06/2008 Friday. Madeleine Beth McCann




First of all apologies for the long gap since my last blog. We are still very busy and the last 2 weeks all four of us have been laid low with a viral illness.


Our investigative team have been very busy working through all the information which has been coming in through the new hotline number and the e-mail addresses ' see investigation page. A lot of this information is undoubtedly relevant to the investigation and every piece of information will be followed up- a very time consuming process ' so please be patient with us! We are planning a facility to allow the upload of pictures of people who were in the Algarve leading up to Madeleine's abduction. In the interim pictures can be e-mailed to


The campaign for a Europe wide Amber alert continues. There is approximately one month left to get the majority of MEP's to sign the written declaration. Edward McMillan- Scott has told us that so far there are 211 signatures therefore we need another 182. Thank you to everyone who has written to MEP's. Some of the responses that have been sent display a complete lack of understanding in what we hope to achieve. For example some have said they will not sign because such a system is already in place with the 116 000 hotline number. Firstly this number for missing children is only operational in one out of 27 European countries (Greece) so far. Secondly the number does not mean an Amber alert will be issued for an abducted child as no such system exists- hence the written declaration. Thirdly we are looking for cross border cooperation between member states when a child is abducted. Hopefully with more lobbying, we can get the declaration accepted.


We are continually looking to improve the website. Over the next few weeks you should notice some changes. We are planning to have new messages on the home page from Kate and myself. The blog may change to a findmadeleine update, there will be new pages displaying the posters in full and further details of local fundraising events. With the holiday season approaching, we would be really grateful if people would once again download Madeleine posters from the website (available in many different languages in how to help/downloads section) and take them with them for distribution and display.


1 in 6 children are recovered after someone has recognised them from a poster!


Finally, we would like to say thank you to everyone for their continued help and kindness, the many letters, messages of support and prayers. It is reassuring and uplifting that Madeleine is in so many people's thoughts and prayers even at this stage.

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