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Day 41 - 13/06/2007 Wednesday

Day 41 - 13/06/2007     Wednesday  


Met with Portuguese and British police today to get an update on the investigation. We were reaasured that information continues to come in, and we continue to pray for a breakthrough.


We were extremely disappointed in the publication of the anonymous letter in The Telegraaf (Netherlands) claiming to know where Madeleine is buried. Although all information will be taken seriously, we were very upset that the credibility of this letter had not been examined and, more importantly, published before the Portuguese police had an opportunity to investigate the claim, and search the area if appropriate without massive media attention. We feel strongly that this was an irresponsible piece of journalism and even if it were true is insensitive and cruel.


One can imagine how upsetting it is for Kate and I to hear of such claims

through the media and if every piece of information was published like this there would be nothing else in the newspapers. 

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