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Day 190 - 09/11/2007 Friday

Day 190 - 09/11/2007 Friday 



The media attention in Rothley has died down considerably with the passing of the six-month marker last weekend. The prayer service for Madeleine and other


 missing children was very well attended and we found it calming, comforting and very positive. The four churches in Rothley contributed to the service as they will be doing so again for remembrance Sunday and these events strengthen our sense of community.


No major developments to report in the last week in the search for Madeleine. There has been a good response to the launch of the helpline to find Madeleine and all the leads are being checked out and followed up where appropriate. Kate and I continue to encourage anyone who has information to phone or e-mail.


It has been a busier week for me as I have returned to work, initially on a part-time basis. The Trust have been very supportive throughout and it has been good, although difficult, to see so many friends and colleagues again. I was certainly ready to get back although we have agreed to gradually phase my return to full-time commitments. It is also been the first week since we returned from Portugal when we have not had friends or family staying with us. Kate and I have therefore been opening all the mail ourselves and we would like to thank everyone who has offered their support and encouragement.

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